All information that you have entered in order to be a member of our store shall not be shared with the 3rd party firms and persons by www.oxxo.com.tr .

Our store may send customers or members various campaign information, information on new products and promotion information. Our members may make any choice in relation with whether they shall receive such information while they are being member and may change this choice from account information after they log in.

Only you may reach and change the information that you have given us while you are being member. In case that you protect your membership login information, it is not possible that others reach or change the information about you. On this purpose, actions are made in 128 bit SSL security field during membership processes. This system is an encryption system that is impossible to break.

Information safety between www.oxxo.com.tr Safe Payment System and the customer is ensured with a layer named SSL (Secure Socket Layer). In our 128 bit SSL certificated Payment System your credit card information or a part of them are not recorded and your card information may not be reached by anyone except the bank that has provided you the card. After your credit card information is entered and verified in safe zone, they are sent to the confirmation system of your bank and your payment is made with the approval from the bank.

For campaign and announcement membership cancellation, you may use unsubscribe link under e-mails.    


Our company gives the first priority to the safety of credit card holders shopping from our shopping sites. Your credit card information is not kept in our system in any way.

There are two things to know that you are on a safe website when you enter it during your processes. One of them is the lock symbol on the bottom of your browser. It shows that you are on a safe website and all your information is encrypted and protected. These information are only used based on the process of sales and in direction of instructions you gave. Information in relation with the credit card used during shopping are encrypted with 128 bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol by Rapid and sent to the relevant bank to be verified. In case that the usability of card is verified, shopping continues. Since no information in relation with the card can be displayed and saved by us, these information are prevented from being obtained by the third parties in any conditions.

Reliability of payment/bill/delivery address information of orders given with credit card online are inspected by us against Credit Card Fraud. Thus, it is necessary for the customers giving their first order through our website to verify their financial and address/phone information in order to make their orders reach supply and delivery stage. In order to control these information, contact is established with credit card holder customer or relevant bank, if necessary.

Websites having information line or customer relations and in which address and telephone information are given are preferred more today. So, you may have information in relation with every subjects that you have been thinking of and you may have more clear information about the reliability of the firm providing online shopping service.

Note: We suggest to pay attention whether there is clear address and phone number of the firm on internet shopping sites. If you shall shop, note every phone / address information of the store from which you buy your product before you do this. If you do not trust, confirm by calling the number before shopping. All information and firm location are given on our online website of www.oxxo.com.tr




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Fax : +90 212 503 94 54

For your questions in relation with Oxxo.com.tr such as order, return, exchange, promotions etc. call +90 (212) 503 43 53 or +90 212 503 90 60


In e-mails that you shall send in relation with your orders to Customer Relations of our Site, never write your credit card number and passwords. Information in e-mails may be seen by the third parties. Our firm, in no way, guarantees the safety of information transmitted through your e-mails. 

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